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Plane To Atlanta

I’m glad that my kids are happy travelers on our way from Manila and Incheon to Atlanta. I never experienced long temper tantrums and restlessness from them. There are times that they are loud but only for a short time. I’m glad that I took my vitamins to help me stay awake at all times.


I also drink coffee and I make sure that I have some biscuits and cereals for them to munch on if they need something to eat. Little G at that time carry a backpack with his toys and books in it and so that kept him busy when eating is not an alternative in some moments. While we were waiting for our plane at one of the gates in Incheon airport, I was able to buy orange juice and water from one of their booths inside. The kids fell asleep on the chair as their body got used to Philippine time (if it’s morning in Incheon, it’s night time in Philippines). I think we waited for 3 hours while we’re there. I thought that was really a good time frame to rest and wait. Half an hour before our boarding time, I woke up the kids. The last picture above is the door we went through and then an elevator took us to the lobby where there’s security checks. They checked our bags, coats, passports, tickets and others. They throw 1 of my water bottle as it was not allowed. After that they let us in to the plane. I was so relieved and the kids can’t wait to see Daddy. I really liked Korean Airlines. The flight attendants are so friendly. One of them helped me get to my seat and helped Little G to be buckled in and watch a fun movie. I definitely would love to ride with this airlines again in my next trip to Philippines, Godwilling.

First photo: Little G And Little V is having fun watching airplanes landing and taking off behind the huge window.

Second photo: Gate lobby where we stayed.

Third photo: Little G and behind him is our plane back to US.

Fourth photo: The gate we check in before we get to our plane.

How about you, have you experienced long airplane rides? If you do, can you share tips?

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