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Memory Lane Monday #22: Ten Months Later…

Vince, my youngest, is going to have his 1st birthday soon. Ten months ago, our little babe was born in St. Joseph’s hospital in Syracuse, New York. He was 6 weeks premature and we are happy that he was born early so that his Grand Pa Cole can hold him in his arms before he passed away a month before Vince’s due date. We didn’t expect things to happen that way, God must have planned everything. The way my husband explained it: the moment he saw his Dad holding Vince, his Dad was glowing with happiness. I miss my father in law too. Our little guy is so precious. I can’t believe how fast he has grown from the moment I held him in my arms the first time. He was a tiny babe.

Baby Vince - 1 week old

This is Vince when he was 1 week old.

mommys Main Squeeze - Vince - 10 months old baby

This is Vince ten months later. Special Thanks to Dhemz for the Mommy’s Main Squeeze shirt. πŸ™‚

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