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My Raised Garden Bed

The first seeds that I just sowed in my garden bed a week ago are these Sugar and Snap Peas. They are supposed to be planted during Good Friday but I am sure they are still safe to plant as we still have cold weather days. There was a morning frost when I planted these seeds. I felt very cold and my hands are getting very red. I still want to plant them as I really like to eat this kind of pea variety. My raised garden bed measures 9 by 3 feet. And my husband just built a second one for me this week and so I will work on cultivating that garden bed too. Gardening is quite a tiring and exhausting work but I love it as it is one major exercise that I can do while at home.

Peas Seeds

raised Garden Bed 2012 Pic 1

My raised garden bed 2012 Pic 2

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