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Memory Lane Monday #21: The City That Never Sleeps – NYC

Three months more to go and we are going to New York City. It will be my second time around. I’m getting excited! The main agenda is to renew my passport and to see some places that we missed going before. That was in September 2008 that I saw NYC the first time. My husband’s first time too. We couldn’t believe that this city truly exist as it just appeared many times in the tv and movies.

New York City Trip - My Husband and I with the New York City Skyline in the background

It was a beautiful day to have some trip around the place. A friend of ours lives in the New Jersey Border and he was our guide. We had quite a few trips from New Jersey to New York City in three days. We took a 30 minutes train ride from a train station in New Jersey to New York City’s underground train station in Madison Square Garden.

New York City Trip & Travels - Me and New York City Skyline as viewed in New Jersey Memorial Park

We went to New Jersey’s Memorial Park where the Hudson River is the mediator between New Jersey and New York City borders. The picture above is taken in the same park. At the center part of the City Skyline (in the background) is where the Twin Towers were used to be.

New York City Trip & Travels - Me and The Statue Of Liberty

That is the Statue of Liberty in the background. I was impressed. It is so different to see it in actual scene than in books. I thought its made of concrete but its made of copper and that is why its green because the copper metal oxidifies.

New York City Trip - Me and New York City Skyline

In the next trip we’re going, I wish to take my kids in the Island where the Statue of Liberty stood. Another place we’re planning to see is the Dinosaur bones in the museum like the one in the Night of the Museum movie. I also want to see Saint Patrick’s Cathedral again. To view interesting buildings on the top of Rockefeller building would be a plus too. 🙂

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