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Memory Lane Monday #11: The Baby In Our Family

I have been busy lately and I already left this meme in my last priority. My apologize folks. My baby has been very demanding and he wants to be held most of the time. Sometimes I will be one handed in writing my posts and blog hopping. I wanted to ask if any of you wanted to assist me in hosting this meme next month, I have a list of open months here for you. Just fill up your name and url to what month you are comfortable to host this: Memory Lane Monday Monthly Hosts. The link of the one hosting it will be replaced inside the code of this badge. I will be joining every Monday to what blog it will be hosted.

As for the theme this week, it’s about “The baby or youngest in your family”.

Here is a picture of our baby Vince when he was a newborn:

newborn vince

Newborn Vince.

 Isn’t he adorable? In 2 days from now, he is going to turn 8 months old. It’s amazing to see him change everyday. Having two boys in our household is not easy as each of them has different personality. He is very much a Mama’s boy. He cries every time he wants attention. He is pre-cautious! When George was a baby, he likes to eat, play, cuddle and sleep, and can be easily pleased and be contented. Vince also likes to eat, play, cuddle and sleep but is very difficult to please and not easily contented unless he is in my arms. He just loves to be with mommy most of the time.

8 months old baby Vince

8 months old baby Vince.

 He’s one precious baby.  I can’t believe that he has grown this big and I love him so much!

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4 Responses to Memory Lane Monday #11: The Baby In Our Family

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  • Shydub says:

    adorable little Vince. I love her name mommy Mel. Mao jd na mga name sa gwapo nga character sa pocketbook hehehe

    how time flies huh, mag 8 na si vince, soon he’ll be 1 year old and im sure you will remember your trip to syracuse that got vince to come out too early than expected hehehe. nostalgic moment

  • Arlene says:

    Hello Mel, I really dunno why i can’t edit the document. But I am willing to host MARCH & JULY. All u need to do is to remind me of my turn. hahaha

    for MARCH:

    5 – Highschool classmates
    12 – College classmates
    19- High School graduation
    26 – College graduation

    for JULY

    2 – Memorable party
    9 – Farthest trip made
    16 – Pre-marriage photo with your spouse
    23 – Your Birthday
    30 – Greatest accomplishment

  • awww! Vince is a cutie pie 🙂 He is getting so big Mommy Mel. All our babies are 🙁
    visiting from Memory Lane Monday.

  • Hazel says:

    Vince is adorable, yes. That’s probably around the time when his Grandpa got to hold him.

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