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VoiceLive vocal box partner

Are you looking for ways to be creative in your singing composition? I just learned about TC-Helicon today. I watched some videos on how it works. It’s a small electronic box that will create harmony, delay, reverb, hardtune, transducer, looping and many more Continue reading

Tough times in our life

Seven years of marriage has been quite a challenge for my husband and I. We find our house a pain in the neck for a year now and it still needs more repair. We also lost our family car less than 2 months ago and got a new high mileage car. My husband has faced some brain and health problems. And here I am, still a housewife and beginning to properly give my kids a good education through homeschooling. Anyhow,… Continue reading

Room Makeover Plans

Our dining room makeover plans has been stalled for quite a while. I need inspiration on dining room decor. I really wish that room will turn bright someday and that we will never use wallpaper again. We selected a nice, wood dining table and matching chairs  for it. I was able to move all furniture around it into our porch to keep that room roomy. How about you, Are you looking for room makeover ideas? Perhaps you’re looking for… Continue reading

Trip to Daddy’s school

The kids got a chance to visit Daddy’s school last week. It was because Mommy didn’t get a ride to Jamestown (my brother in law has to take my Mom in law to the city for a Doctor’s appointment). Mommy needs to get her Cake class, evening that day, so we have to stay at Daddy’s school for the whole day (and that Daddy can take Mommy to her class).


It’s a long ride going the school from our house,… Continue reading

Keyboard for teaching music

My son is getting excited that we’re going to start a new school year for our homeschooling soon. I am getting anxious about it as I need to reorganize our schedules. I’m glad he was able to spend more time this Summer in doing more reading practice. My husband also wanted to introduce him to playing piano and so we will need like one of those electric keyboard that we Continue reading

Juicy strawberries

My youngest son is lucky that he found big juicy strawberries while we’re strawberry picking at a local farm. I can’t find any big ones but him, he really has good eyes to spot it. I let him eat them and he said they’re sweet!



I really like our local farm that they grow sweet variety of strawberries. I wish I could plant same variety in my garden someday. Did you know that strawberries are the only berries that… Continue reading

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